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I just noticed something


in GD’s song butterfly he says “i flutter so much at your three lettered name”…… i’ll let you guys do the rest ;D 

I’ve known jiyong for about 8 years now, so he knows me very well. He knows what puts me in a bad mood & I know what bothers him, so we don’t usually bump heads with each other.

— TOP on G-Dragon (Come To Play ‘08)


When Jiyong bets that no one will come at his shooting except Taeyang


  • gtop in macau: “we drank a lot of alcohol there and when the party ended, we went back up to our room to rest…he wasn’t wearing anything on top so he looked like the statue of david…when i think back, i can’t help but exclaim ‘wow, fantastic body!’”
  • gtop in japan: “he suddenly came up to me wearing his bathing suit. he suddenly seemed so sensual.”
  • gtop in europe: oh okay ~
  • gtop in korea:


Thailand Motorshow 2012.

idk if this has been posted or not, but, what an angle. it looks like Jiyong is sitting on Tabi’s lap hahaha.

this is the best 

Oh yeah, Top knows.


Some of my favorite GTOP vids, for those who have just fallen down this rabbit hole:

T.O.P. pinches GD’s nipple 
Touring T.O.P.’s hostel, complete with GD’s best impersonation 
Straight chilling in Big Bang’s dorm
The one where GD plays the bongo’s on T.O.P.’s butt
Karaoke 2getha!!!
Whatever the hell this was
Pranking GD
More with T.O.P.’s butt (it’s a pretty great butt)
Music Core 1
Music Core 2 

Luv u all :*

TOP: GD’s so cute



(Talking about GD telling him about what the stage should look like)

T.O.P: (giggling) He said it in a really cute way

Flattered GD’s reaction:

They’re so adorable together ♥


top: hey hey look at me i just finished working out
gd: yeah you're all sweaty lol go shower
top: no first you have to touch me
gd: wat
top: touch me
gd: but you smell like sweat
top: (takes off shirt) touch me now
gd: hyung please
gd: omfg ok but this is really turning me on ok