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Seunghyun’s touch was an involuntary reflex.

I don’t like being taken care of that much. I want the kind of relationship where you treat each other as a friend, like they’re still a space, the natural one.

G-Dragon (090729 Ameba)

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GTOP un-aired story on Strong Heart [x]

The way Jiyong talks about Seunghyun makes me feel warm. Regardless of the stories, it’s obvious to me that Jiyong really admires his hyung and he does not hesitate to express it in public. Just simply adorable :)


Macau: We got drunk, TOP is like Adonis, Fantastic Body.
China: TOP got drunk, carry him in my room
Korea: Who is this guy.

The King and Queen on their carriage. 

I’ve touched all of the members bodies, but they don’t really tell me to touch them. TOP always comes near and is like “touch this”. His muscles are very strong.

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Tabi defends GD

gtop fanfiction recs



These are all the fanfics I’ve read that I really like/love. They are in no particular order.



ok this is all for now, i’ll be adding more as i read them

i’ll also add the ones i’ve read that are not on this list cuz i’m too lazy rn to go look for them

maybe i’ll also make this prettier later ;~; idk yet

I just stayed up until ungodly hours of the night last night to read Yellow Leaves from start to finish for like the 10th time and ugh it’s like the most beautiful unadulterated love ever. I want to sob at how much they love each other.

All of these recs are perfect. 


Can’t you just feel the excitement?